Wyze Cam Pan: can no longer freely pan the camera and also have a detection zone set anymore. Why?

I have two Cam Pans on firmware v4.10.6.193 and am using the beta Wyze app version v2.14.32. I’ve noticed recently, within the last two updates or so, that I can no longer have a detection zone set and free move the camera and it would shortly revert back to it’s detection zone anymore.

I’ve previously been able to do this for over 2 years with these cameras without any issue or error message. I have one of my Cam Pans pointed down at my door & walkway but occasionally free moved it to quickly look at other areas of my yard. Moving the camera with a swipe on the video feed doesn’t appear work at all anymore either. The directional buttons do, but give me an error “Your camera has the Detection Zone enabled, which only applies to its current position. Tap continue to disable the Detection Zone before moving your camera” now if I have a detection zone set.

Is there any rhyme or reason to why this change was made? Is it a bug or intentional? It’s hard for me to see this any way other than crippling a frequently used ability of my cameras that I’ve had for some time.

I’d really like to be able to free move my camera for short periods of time again while also having a detection zone enabled. Having to turn off the detection zone to move it for a moment is a pain, seems pointless, and if I’m moving the camera it’s typically to see something that’s gone out of frame, which needs to be done quickly–an extra prompt makes that difficult and then I have to set my detection zone up again? Why? Why am I all of the sudden being forced to choose between a detection zone and free panning?

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