Pan feature not working properly

I have my pan cam installed on the wall right next to my front door. I set the pan feature in hopes it would remain forward facing (it would catch the reflection off our glass screen door and turn the wrong way, towards the door/wall instead of the street) it worked for a day but now it seems to be stuck on the wrong pan location, one I never set ( looking directly behind it at the wall). Obviously this is a useless location for it to film so it is very tideous. I noticed that when I turn the pan feature off it doesn’t try to revert back to the wall like it does when the feature is on. I deleted and reset all the pan location settings, made sure my firmware was up to date, and even reset the camera as a whole. Issue persists. Please help. Thanks!

Do you have a detection zone set? If so, that will override the pan scan feature.

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My detection zone is set to “off”

Let’s see if I understand: you have detection zone off and you have pan scan enabled with a single waypoint. But the camera does not stay on that waypoint?

If that’s the case, it sound like you may need to file a support request via the support link at the top right of this page, or even better, from within the Account section of the app.

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Thanks for answering the O.P.
After trying to set the parameters for the pan scan setting, the camera wouldn’t accept the new information and I lost my detection area as well. The camera would revert back to an undesirable position and I lost the the detection area set at the beginning, even when physically picked up and moved. I also turned detection zone off, motion and tag off, pan scan reset and still had issues. I powered cycled many times, reset it and still it would eventually move back to an undesirable position so…swapped it with another one I had that I don’t use the pan much and now I’m using it pretty much like a fixed camera…just paid $9.00 more for it. It still works, I can view it on the app so ‘it is what it is’. I was sincerely thinking about buying a fixed camera anyways for the area I moved it to so if I do, I’ll move this one again.

Hi @Sandeebee

It kinds of sounds like the settings on the server side for this camera on your account are messed up. I’m not sure if this is what you meant by “reset”, but have you tried deleting the camera from the app, then set it up again as a new device? That should, in theory, clear out the server side settings and start fresh.

If that doesn’t do it, they I’d file a Support Request since they are the only ones with the tools to address this type of issue.