Wyze Cam Pan V3 problems?

1/. Is there any way of slowing down the pan speed, I’ve set it at lowest setting but I almost have to start running to keep up with the pan speed. It really annoying as sometimes the picture while panning is part blurred by the speed of the cameras panning?it’s also has a down side that anyone entering the yard it draws attention to itself by moving so fast, a 50% reduction in speed at the lowest setting would be beneficial.

2/. Second problem I’m noticing is that when I try and move it manually from fixed way point it will sometimes move, other times it won’t.
3/. I have 4 fixed waypoints, if I override the fixed point by pressing the forth waypoint any try and zoom in, the camera will not stay at that 4th way point, or any point for that matter while I try and zoom in to see something, instead it returns to my fixed way point one while I’m trying to zoom in after 1 to 2 secs on any of the other 3 way points.
If I set it to pan scan it holds the points for 10 secs as stated, but I can’t override it and go from fixed point 1 to 4 and zoom in unless pan scan is engaged.