V2 SD card recording problem

I have both V2 (used indoors) & V3 (used outdoors) of Wyze cams. All cameras are up to date on firmware and all have the same SD cards. I went on vacation and had a neighbor come to the house to feed the cat each day. The V3’s recorded everything fine, however my V2’s only recorded the 12 sec. clip (Cam Plus Lite) to the cloud but nothing to my SD cards. I also got notified when they arrived and left. I double check when I got back from vacation and everything was still up to date. I have 3 of the V2’s that notified my they where in the house but didn’t record to any of the SD cards… Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, sorry about your issues! Are you sure you have continuous recording enabled on the v2s? I don’t use sd cards on my devices so I’m unable to walk you through it but somewhere in the devices advanced settings it should be in there.

I had similar problem few days ago with my V2.
It was Wyze. server.

I had submitted Log.
posted problem in “Fix it Friday” thread.

The problem went away a day later by itself.

You should submit Log(S…S…S)

Can you provide the Firmware version of the v2 Camera as well as the App version you are using.

When you go into the Advance area of settings, then Manage SD Card, does it show there are items on the card? if so, you can pull the SD Card and copy the files. You could also try to format the card and see if it is able to be formatted. Could be a defective Card or an update turned off the SD Card option.

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I don’t see why any update should change settings, even though I’ve seen other posts showing that this is a problem. You shouldn’t have to check every device’s settings after an update. That is, in my opinion, is ridiculous.

Hi KyGuy2002, I don’t have them recording on “continuous”. They are all set (both V2’s &3’s) to record on motion. As noted the V3’s work fine and captured everything but the V2’s didn’t record to the SD cards.

Thanks for the info. Your lucky as “The problem went away a day later by itself.” quote NEVER seems to work or happen to me! lol

Motion events are all saved to the cloud, the sd card is only for manually initiated or continuous recording.

Hey Spamoni4, Firmware on V2’s is (the latest one and the same on all 3 cameras the should have recorded to the SD cards, Also using latest IOS 2.311 on an Iphone 13 pro, All cameras had SD cards setup to record on motion. All my outside V3’s recorded fine only the 3 inside V2’s didn’t. As I said the V2’s notified me when the person entered the house and recorded a 12 sec. clip (Wyze cam lite).

@Gantry69 Please read my reply, you will not see motion events on the sd card. This is intentional.

If you want to see your cloud events use the events tab at the bottom of the app.

Have you submitted Log(s)?

The command to record to sd card probably originated in Wyze server as Wyze moved many controls off the firmware.

I’m not going to use Wyze. I’ve a smaller camera on the way. I’ve been using 4 cams in my windows. I’m a widow who lives on a corner with recent new neighborhood developments in our old neighborhood with population increases. My cams are hacked daily and now the sd cards stop at each minute and almost impossible to find the missed footage. It’s like a lot of folks know I’ve cams! Glad that I got over that and didn’t let paranoia set in. It’s really not safe to have security cameras on 2.4 ghz WiFi nor an sd card that gets hacked. There has to be a better way!

Your cams get hacked daily? There’s nothing insecure about 2.4ghz or the sd card. Please provide more info on the issue your having.

Tickets have been submitted on issues over the years from 2020 to present.

From the information you have given me I don’t think this is an issue that is affecting anyone else. Could you elaborate so we can work towards a solution or at least get this reported again. Thanks!

Thank you for your rapid response! Absolutely, others seem to have similar issues as that’s how this forum got found:

  1. In events an event gets recorded on sd but in actual events they freeze and are labeled as “help?”

  2. An event occurs on sd and doesn’t show up in events.

  3. The sd playback freezes at the minute mark or at the minute and a second mark.

  4. Emergency vehicles jam the signals so that the event of them passing by doesn’t record in events.

I’ve had these cams since Dec. 2019. I’m savvy enough to adjust settings accordingly. The above has gotten worse. Recently, I manually turn them off at times now.

Alright, thanks for the additional information.

  1. Could you provide a screenshot of the “help?” Label? I’m not sure what that is.

  2. What model camera is this? Make sure you have event recording enabled for motion in the cams settings, and detection settings are correct. Is the actual event clip on the sd card, or is it just continuous recording.

  3. I think this is a known issue, but I will verify with Wyze.

  4. Never experienced this myself, but if that’s a thing in your location then I’m guessing there’s nothing Wyze can do about that.


  1. Please see attached for requested screenshot.
  2. It’s a cam v2 from 2019. All settings are set up properly and on continuous recording.
  3. Thank you for verification with Wyze…it’s appreciated!
  4. Can the cameras be hacked to listen like on a baby monitor frequency…ie 2.4
  1. Please see below link for requested screenshot.
  2. It’s a cam v2 from 2019. All settings are set up properly and on continuous recording.
  3. Thank you for verification with Wyze…it’s appreciated!
  4. Can the cameras be hacked to listen like on a baby monitor frequency…ie 2.4