V2 Sd card no recordings (CamPlus light)

Today, I went out to clear Snow underneath the camera. for 15 minutes
V2 detected Person as expected. yes, 12 seconds ok
but when I go to Playback, there is no recording of events in SD
SD card seems good.
I switched to continuous. no recording.

I wonder it is SD card or Wyze side?

it said 1969

Did you do this before or after the events?

What does this mean?

two things to check.

  1. Go to Settings, Advanced, and the tap on Sync Time
  2. Go back to playback, tap in the calendar and get to today and see if there is a recording for today.
  3. Format the card from the camera and try again to see if it is corrected

You can also click on the right Chevron “>” to get to the next event.

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This is what they mean:

the calendar date on the playback screen says 1969

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As I recall, there was a heck of a New Year’s Eve party that year.

Most of us were pretty well drunk as skunks by early afternoon.

So I imagine that’s a programming error from that era.

But hey, we were using mainframe operating systems.

On second thought, maybe my memories (foggy as they may be) aren’t connected with current Wyze products.

Good catch! That or Jan 1 , 1970 are the 2 possible dates when the time variable in the camera is set to zero. So definitely update the time.

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I had to restart V2.

Somehow the V2 have been working as usual but no sd card recording.
Restart fixed the issue.

Never have seen this type of error . recently, both firmware and app updated. I had sd card formatted after the updates.

Well, after restart. V2 shiws offline but streaming is working.

More==→Turn Off… failed Operation.
All a sudden V2 reports No SD card.
Trued Restart again " Failed to ReStart"

I setbp V2 to Even Recording. No recorfing.
but now I set to continuous. and works ok.

Suspect there is a bug in V2 firmware with Event recording?

Update… no issues with Continuous Recording.
Just switched back to Events to see.

my Log numbers