Playback on Wyze v2 Cameras (Playback date 1969)

I’ve read all the comments on v3 Cams not able to view SD card playback. I have a similar issue but want to add a detail I havn’t seen before.

  1. Most of the time I can’t even get the 12 second event clip to play
  2. I also can’t view playback on my SD card. The New information I noticed is that when I click “View Playback” the date show as Dec 31, 1969. (I’ve clicked the “time sych” button.

Any thoughts? I’ve already done all of the suggest things from other posts like logout, uninstall the app, reboot phone, etc. Issue is with multiple cameras.

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Hey stew

The 1969 is an old issue, apparently something that can’t be resolved. Witness:

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