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Wyze has helped by sending new camera…but the problem of seeing Dec 31 1969, And Another person Using When I Try To Use Play Back Has Started Showing Again …And Sometimes It Seems Like My Camera Does Things By Itself Like If I Have Notification On…It Will Turn Off…

I too had Dec 31, 1969 (when time began for Unix at midnight on January 1, 1970 GMT) showing up on my cam yesterday when I tried to View Playback last night on one V2 cam.
Now that would be pretty good storage on a 32G SD card.

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I have V2 Camera but it gives that date when trying to view play back…I have to go out of it and then watch play back…I have 32 gb scan card …but… saying some one else is using when I can’t view something bothers me more than that date that keeps popping up.

You you have playback up on 2 devices? That would tell you another device is using the cam.

As for the date, make sure you sync time in settings (Advanced > Sync Time).

Ok…umm I have 4 cameras but I can only use one at a time…I guess you’re saying it gives access to all of them?.. and I sync time every day…wish there was a way to not have to do that…Thank you for your response.

You can live stream to multiple cams, but you can only playback to one of them at a time. All other cams should be completely out of playback mode while you are looking at old footage on one.

Yes, syncing once should be all that is necessary. You may want to open a ticket on that.

I was just wondering if somehow the Wyze cams are connecting to other Wyze cams … because mine also change settings by itself like if I have notification on…if I don’t here pings, I’ll check and it will be off…They are sending different ones again… I’ll see what happens… because they seem to be cool little cameras.