Viewing playback on my original Wyze cam

I think I know the answer but I was reviewing a a problem with one of my cameras. I received a message that someone else was reviewing my playback! So I guess I was hacked??

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks V

Did it say “Playback is being used by another device” ?? That is the message that pops up if you try to view playback on one device while another logged in device is also viewing playback. Do you have the Wyze app installed on multiple devices? If so, is it possible that you left the one you weren’t actively using in playback mode?

If you do have Wyze App installed on multiple devices, you may want to force quit it on all devices just in case one got “stuck” reporting that it was in play back even though it wasn’t.

If you don’t think this is what happened or if you don’t have Wyze installed on multiple devices, then yes, I think it’s very likely that someone has gained access to your Wyze account userid and password. In that case, you should change your password immediately to a strong, secure password.

Hi, sorry for the long delay. You where right I was logged in to multiple devices one in playback I put down. Then got busy and picked up my phone and that’s that.

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