Unauthorized viewing

Hey there. I am new to wyze. In the last month I have purchased 4 wyze cam v2. At times when I try and view playback I get a message stating that some one else is viewing them at that time. There should not b anyone else viewing them. My question is. How do I find out if there is someone viewing them and who? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure what is generating that message. Have you opened a support ticket? When my wife and I view the same camera neither of us gets a message like that so I can’t duplicate your issue.

From within the app under the Account tab then Help & Feedback there is an option to send log files. I would do that.

I was, briefly, able to duplicate your issue viewing playback. In my case it was my wife’s phone and mine. We both use the same credentials.

Is this what you are seeing?

Only one person can access the SD card at a time. I live alone, but just calling up playback on the same cam on 2 devices at the same time will generate a message that playback is being used on another device.

Yeah that’s sort of what I figured. Waiting to hear back from the OP.

I get the same message when my wife is viewing playback on the same camera at the same time.

Yes that is the same message that I get. Now how do I figure out who is viewing my cameras seeing as I am “The Owner” and have not authorized anyone access.

See if it is still happening. Can’t imagine why someone would be camped on your SD card. My guess is you had playback up on 2 devices when you saw the message.

If you still see the issue, unload all Wyze apps on all devices, and power-cycle the camera.

Ok i will try when I get home thank you