My camera has been hacked, twice

i turned on the app on my phone a while back and when i tried to view play back i couldn’t because “playback is being used by another device” something like that.
i changed my password and stopped receiving the message.
i don’t have my camera on all the time, but i used it again recently and again when trying to view playback i got the message that another device was using it.
changed password again and added 2 factor identification,
i hope it helps, this is seriously freaking me out and i can’t find any info about this other than some broad, generic stuff that isn’t really addressing my concern that i am being spied on…???

if anyone can advise i would appreciate it

Email and tell them what email address your Wyze account is under. They will look into it for you.


thank you so much, carverofchoice!
hopefully this will be resolved. scary!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

In addition to emailing security, I would recommend you force-stop the app and restart the phone in case it’s some kind of weird glitch where the server is seeing the same device/app twice.

In Android you can long press the app short-cut then select App info then “Force stop” that will kill any connections to the app, then reboot/power-cycle the phone.

Also to check that sharing is not enabled for the camera.
Open the camera → settings → sharing and make sure there are no other accounts listed there.


FWIW, happens for me when viewing SD card Playback: app stalls and auto-restarts (displaying “camera info == null” on startup screen IIRC.)

Thereafter, attempting to access Playback gives “playback is being used by another device” error.

Force-closing and restarting app required to restore access to Playback.


Nice, peep. You are on fire with technical detail this week.