Playback being used by another device

This morning i submitted a topic about when im veiwing playback] video, i would get a pop-up message saying that my playback is being used by another device.
I have never shared the app or device to anyone. Thats all thank you.

I saw this alert a couple of times recently too. It seemed to me that it had something to do with still being connected to the app from my recent previous use through the same device, as though the server still recognized the last connection I recently made to it, but it was weird. I also wondered if maybe the AI reviewing my playback for PD while I viewed a camera"s playback was triggering it. It is a new thing regardless.

I’ve never seen that message myself. I have two wall mounted Android tablets that display the livestream of one of my cameras 24/7 and I don’t see any messages like that even when I open the same stream on my phone at the same time. I wonder if this is something new, or a bug?

Hi, folks!

This message is intended for if another phone or tablet is using Playback. Do you use multiple devices with your account? If not, could you please send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback the next time you see it and post the log number here?


Was this ever resolved? I am having same issue. Pls respond asap before sd card video I need to view
is overwritten.

Don’t know, but if this is important then take the card out (or at least turn off recording) NOW. There’s nothing on it that needs the camera to play it. Use VLC on a PC.