V3 just quit recording continously to SD card 2 days ago? - Just an observation, no help needed (2 out of 28 Cams did this)

I have CamPlus Unlimited and one of my V3’s just decided to quit recording to SD two days ago.

Just love Wyze’s bug ridden software/firmware, always something new in a bad way…

Well formatting and toggling on/off/on SD recording fixed it, although I should not had to do that if these Wyze cams weren’t such junk when it comes to stability and bugs in software/firmware,

I don’t recommend Wyze to anyone because I will have to fix it for them to often, only techy types I would say give it a try with a warning as to the constant issues with upgrades, etc…

Checking my 28 cameras currently, found a second one with same issue…

Wyze is Definitely NOT a Security Camera Company, just too unreliable for that task :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Glad I have other more reliable cams from other manufacturers for Security.

Trying different ways to restore “Continuous Recording to SD” On the second one it just took toggling between “Event Only / Continuous” and toggling on/off for SD recording then rebooting camera via app.
Did NOT format SD this time

EDIT: 2 out of 28 cams had this issue. No more testing results from others to post

I one of my older V2 cameras that does that. Just stops recording every few days. Stopping and restarting recording brings it back for a few days.

This is going to sound silly but I had a similar problem last week with a V2. Format failed, 0 capacity. After playing with it for more than an hour reformatting on my computer, trying again, reformatting, toggling switch, rebooting … even if this card was working on another camera… I heard a very slight buzzing sound. I changed the power supply and that solved my problem. This was the first time since 2019 that I have had to change a power supply on one of my cameras which are still on continuous recording with the same cards. It costs nothing to try.

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My power is very clean and I’m not using a Wyze USB power adapter…

Since that post the number of cams has increased and Amp Hours on batteries too…

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