Noise detection (bark, cry, etc)

Please comment on and/or vote for this wishlist topic: Remove cooldown on sound events only. As a workaround, if you have an SD card installed in your cam with recording set to “Continuous”, while reviewing the sound event, tap the “Playback” icon and it will take you to the spot where the sound event starts.

This feature is currently undergoing testing. If there is a sound event, but no AI type is detected, the event is generically labeled “Sound”. If the sound event is identified as Barking, Meowing, Crying or Talking, the event is labeled as such in the Events list in the Wyze app. However, the Event notifications are not yet labeled with sound AI type, they are generically labeled “Sound”.

It is all currently undergoing testing. Sound AI types are currently, Crying, Meowing, Barking, Talking.

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