Noise detection (bark, cry, etc)

My dog barks, I check my camera. Let’s automate this process!
Use Wyze Cam as a baby monitor while their lullabies play in the background to sooth them to sleep? Get a noise alert when a cry is recognized!
Someone else mentioned glass-breaking detection. That would be handy, too.

Current software supposedly detects fire alarms, maybe there’s a way to program it for a barking dog or a crying baby.

I feel like this must have already been requested but I can’t find it. I need a notification/detection specific to a baby crying and not just a sound of a certain volume.
A use case beyond the obvious cry sound is for a room that has a loud sound machine on for white noise to help the baby sleep but the camera knows the difference when a baby wakes up and cries.

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PLEASE SEARCH #wishlist and #roadmap and read the How to Use the Wishlist BEFORE POSTING. If your submission is approved, don’t forget to VOTE for it.

Wyze really needs to build a better baby monitor or implement an upgrade for the pan cam or others to listen for crying and notify the user.

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My neighbor is complaining that my dog “barks all the time.” I feel this is an exaggeration and would like to gauge how much my dog is actually barking. I’ve seen other cameras advertise bark detection and think Wyze should add bark detection since I think a lot of the users, like me, are using their cameras to check in on their dogs.

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I vote for ‘Glass Breaker sensor’. Many data sources are reporting glass break theft are rising and culprits are less inclined to open a door or window then break a glass to grab and run an item from a house or a business. Please consider Glass Breaker Sensor as an important item to home monitoring package. Many national security companies are offering in their service packages.

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I believe both are part of CamPlus…

So… I see this is in the #roadmap section so that’s great!

But… is there an update on at.) what is being developed and b.) when it will be available?

I am a new Wyze user and here is my feedback:
1.) The existing Sound Detection feature is “ok” but only ok — 12 second recording with 5 minute cooldown (even with Cam Plus) — so, I know my dog barked for 12 seconds but what happened the next 4 minutes and 48 seconds, we’ll never know.
2.) Cam Plus advertises recording of “Events” but never clearly defines “Events” — so I buy the camera and Cam Plus and expect that Sound Detection should trigger an “Event” and am dissatisfied when I realize that “Events” appear to only be “motion” — but wouldn’t a lay person (me) think “Dog barking his head off it an Event that should be recorded like any other Event”?

To me you should first just make sound detection into an “Event” — I think that would satisfy some people on here like me — and then as second step on roadmap do the fancy cooler Sound Detection AI that tells if it’s a bark, baby cry, wind, window breaking, etc.

Thanks for listening and for the work!!!

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Please comment on and/or vote for this wishlist topic: Remove cooldown on sound events only. As a workaround, if you have an SD card installed in your cam with recording set to “Continuous”, while reviewing the sound event, tap the “Playback” icon and it will take you to the spot where the sound event starts.

This feature is currently undergoing testing. If there is a sound event, but no AI type is detected, the event is generically labeled “Sound”. If the sound event is identified as Barking, Meowing, Crying or Talking, the event is labeled as such in the Events list in the Wyze app. However, the Event notifications are not yet labeled with sound AI type, they are generically labeled “Sound”.

It is all currently undergoing testing. Sound AI types are currently, Crying, Meowing, Barking, Talking.

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A Trigger for Rule (checkbox) for Dog Barking Detected to temporarily allow Enabling of Recording within a given Start and End time.

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I agree! That’s the only reason I have not purchased the Wyze Home Security Systems. I have many other products but would love to go all in. Please create a “Glass Break Sensor”!

WYZE Cam OG doesn’t have bark detection

I recently purchased a WYZE Cam OG. I was surprised to find out there are no smart detection events for sound using cam plus. You can only turn on sound detection but no barking, meowing, etc. I have a large dog and I use bark detection in my other cameras v2, and v3 to alert me when she’s barking if I’m not there. Not sure why this feature is available on older models like the v2 and v3 but not on their new og camera.