Baby monitoring detection features

Each of these road map features are very viable through software and has a lot of potential as in app purchases

  1. Detecting babies outlines and movements this is critical for monitoring and filtering certain critical artifacts like breathing patterns and other cues
  2. Monitoring baby breathing. This can give parents a continuous log of breathing patterns for the baby and also alerts if there are abnormalities. There is a really huge market for this due to the fear around SIDS. There are products in the market with this feature that cost upwards of $200.
  3. Baby milestone recording: Auto detect when the baby is doing something out of the ordinary and record this for an extended period. This feature is awesome for parents who dont want to miss the baby’s fist step or the first time they flip over to their tummy, or their first call to mama. These features along with the pan feature in the cam would be an awesome addition.
  4. Ability to play predetermined tracks over the cam speaker on detecting motion. This could be white noise to sooth the baby back to sleep

I would add to this the ability to detect not just sound but a babies cry. So if there were soft music from a toy playing the camera would ignore it, but if it heard crying then it could send a notification to those with the app.

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Hey All,

I just wanted to suggest a feature that I think a lot of parents would find helpful. I use Wyze as a baby monitor in a couple locations and love the motion tagging feature to easily detect my newborn daughters movements. Every now and then it’ll even detect breathing.

A feature that would be great is a baby mode that would be much more sensitive to chest movements and track that a baby is breathing and if reliable enough alert if chest movements stop for a period of time. I realize this may be tricky without some sort of depth hardware, but I think it could be somewhat achieved with software, especially from a side profile.

With all the expensive garbage out there like owlet and other tackers that just don’t work well, I think a simple feature like this would give Wyze a huge advantage in the baby market without expensive hardware, breathing swaddles or socks.


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Food for thought re this topic:

I’ve looked through other baby monitor topics but haven’t seen this one listed yet.

I gave up on our $200 baby monitor within 3 months and switched over to a Wyze Cam 2.0. Best decision ever. Better picture, better sound, better IR. Plus my wife and I can both view on our phones at the same time from the other end of the couch.

I’ve refashioned an old iPhone with a popsocket, leave the app on Livestream and disable all notifications/detections. With the popsocket on and in landscape it’s 99% a baby monitor. The noise doesn’t bother me since the white noise machine in the baby’s room comes through. Kinda helps me get to sleep.

I would love it if there were an option to turn the screen off but still have the sound come through. Currently, I have the screen brightness all the way down. The only options I have are 1) point the monitor away from me (current setup) or 2) use an eye mask.

$20 vs $200 was an easy choice. I think this one option would make it perfect.


This would be my first post

I just purchased the wyze cam and love it. Even tho it has a lot of great functionality and can act as a baby cam I feel it could be better. I currently have an infant optics cam and love certain aspects of it.

I would like to see wyze make a baby cam that had the same great technology as the wyze cam and the SD card ( very important) as well as the following functions.

  1. Intertanchable lenses for wider angle or more closer views
  2. A monitor very important as using a phone or tablet becomes annoying
  3. Ptz functionality
  4. Circular ball design
  5. Physical close switch
  6. Priced upto $80 bucks
  7. Optional accessory to mount it on cribs for overhead mounting

I have tested the nanit, the motorolas, and a slew of others and found the infant optics is awesome but still lacks fearures.

Thank you and I hope to see you guys make this.


I have several Wyze v2 and a pan cams. A couple of these have been set up as baby monitor using a old iPhone as a dedicated screen. However, I often mute it so I don’t have to hear the baby’s sound machine or get feedback.

A great solution to this would be to have a real time visual bar somewhere on the screen showing how loud the detected noises is. This could be an on/off toggle option in the advanced setting. Additionally, the bar graph location could be selected as top, bottom, or left/right side. I don’t think it would be very difficult to do in the next software update either.

A second software improvement, that would dovetail well with the previous idea, would be an alert trigger for sustained noise, or an adjustable number of noise threshold events in a given time. That way I wouldn’t have dozens of false alarms with the nursery’s ocean noise maker.

I and my very sleep deprived wife would be very grateful! Thank you Very Much!

I have the arlo baby cam and it has some great features but is unreliable and expensive. I would love to see a wyze baby camera with some of those features.

  • nightlight
  • air quality/temp/humidity sensors
  • White noise/lullaby with internal storage.
  • two way audio
  • Audio when the phone’s screen is off

Please make a monitor and camera for the car so we can see our grand baby since he faces backwards. I never know if he’s asleep or just quiet and I’d like to see him while driving.
I use several wyze cam pans at home but I need one for my car please!
I can’t find a product of this type that looks reliable. I know the quality of my wyze cam pan. I’d really like one for my car.

See also this related #wishlist topic:

For a quick summary of what I’m hoping for, here’s what Amcrest does with their app:

Here are the specific details on what this view allows you to do.

This shows the audio history of the camera so you can see how loud a child is being, even if you have the sound turned off. It also has a gray squelch line that allows you to silence the sound from the camera stream until it hits a certain volume, and then the sound enables again until the volume drops below the squelch line. This is so incredibly helpful for baby monitoring. And these are strictly software updates, no product or hardware changes needed.

I would like to be able to use my wyze cams as a true baby monitor. I currently own 8 Wyze cams but I also have 3 Foscam IP cameras (one for each of my 3 children) that I have to keep around to use as baby monitors just because Wyze doesn’t do what I need it to be able to do.

To accomplish this today, I’m using my 3 Foscam cameras with this iOS Baby Monitor app but it only works with IP cameras so I have to keep using my foscam cams. If Wyze offered this functionality above, I could finally get rid of my foscams and just monitor all of my kids through the Wyze app with my Wyze cams.

Currently, baby monitors are okay, but not great. Baby monitors (audio, not camera) have a baby unit with a microphone and a parental unit with a speaker built in. Most people moving about their house don’t want to carry the parental unit of a baby monitor kit with them, but they will likely carry their cell phone with them. It would be great if a Wyze cam V2 and V3 could have a software option to act like a baby monitor and check for sound to trigger a notification on a cell phone. Also, the parental unit of baby monitors requires batteries, so using it without it being plugged in, makes the batteries drain really quickly, another headache.

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Wyze notifications might be passable for some use, but for monitoring a baby?

I wouldn’t trust it. This coming from someone with lots of Wyze cameras; V2s (mostly unused now) and V3s.

Yes this would be very helpful. Everyone has big baby monitor list but start with the stream audio especially when screen is off. Seems like it would be the simplest to do