Smart Socks (Baby Monitoring)

All jokes aside, on the topic of socks, Wyze should actually do REAL smart socks (ie: for baby monitoring).

My wife (and her sister too) bought one of those Owlet smart socks (& camera too) that track our baby’s pulse and oxygen all night long and alert us if the heart rate or oxygen drops to a certain level (to help you not worry about SIDS). It connects to a little base station and your phone and will alert you. Those simple devices cost $300!!! Together with their Baby cam (which costs $149 by itself and does not even record…the microSD slot doesn’t work and there is no cloud recording, but it does warn you if the temperature is too low for your baby, and it allows background audio streaming so you don’t have to keep the stream loaded), it costs $400!!! Wyze could easily make one for a tenth of the cost or less.

On just these 2 simple products (smart sock, and crappy camera) they make well over $20Million/yr! If Wyze wants to revolutionize an industry and make it affordable for everyone while making a difference, despite all the jokes about these socks, real smart socks could actually bring them in a ton of income. They’re a HUGE market for parents’ peace of mind against random SIDS hitting unknowingly. It’s pretty cool, seriously. Who knew there was such a huge successful market for REAL smart socks? If Wyze comes out with some real smart socks (for babies) within the next couple years, I would buy it…but the best thing about this product is that there will always be more and more parents and kids for an ever expanding market…


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