Roll Back Some of Excessive Price Increases


I’m a big fan of Wyze products primarily because of cost. I own a number of outdoor, indoor cameras, wyze watches and headset.

However, I have noticed excessive increase in prices which has prevented me from looking elsewhere to purchase. For example, Wyze headset was debuted at $50. I wanted to buy another for my wife and the $90 price made me purchase one elsewhere for less. Similarly, robotic vacuum cleaner at $300? I can buy an older version of Roomba for less. Now, they are doubling the price of their home surveillance to $10/month. Granted, due to inflation, some price increase is warranted but this tells me that Wyze is moving away from business model of “cost + x% profit margin” to “lets see how much we can push the prices up until customers notice”. Prices for the above products / services have not increased close 100%.

The pre-order price has always been lower than the production price. I’ve purchased most things pre order, but I’ve bought some during production at the higher price.

At this point, at least for the headset and robotic vacuum cleaner, they are no longer a value. For both, I think Wyze is over-priced and facts point to it. Also, for home monitoring, when I compare Wyze with SimpliSafe and, SimpliSafe, with its higher reliability and mobile connectivity (even though at a higher price), Wyze’s offer is no longer a value.


You also have to keep in mind with inflation. The price to manufacture goods is at an all-time high. Can’t wait to fill up my car at the pump.

Sure. I’m aware. However, Wyze positions itself as a low cost provider of these products. However, they can’t do that if they are selling Robot Vacuum Cleaners for 3x that of other makers and double the price of Wireless Headphones and Home Monitoring Services. Inflation is not 100% per year.

Nonsense. When I looked into Simpli a few years back it would’ve cost me nearly 1000 dollars just to buy the equipment. The monthly monitoring is still way more expensive. Then you add cameras and mobile app features, and smart home and the monthly fees pile up. Not that great of a bargain. It was still cheaper that ADT though, which is what I had. A hundred bucks a year from Wyze is a great value for home monitoring.

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