I don't know about you, but

Hey, does anyone here happen to feel any compassion for Wyze who wants more money for their products because of increasing operational cost?

I wouldn’t mind paying more if they address the issues that plague the products that they already have on the market. Until they address those issues I don’t think they should ask for more money. Once they become dependable and something we can rely on as customers, then and only then would I support an increase in their pricing.

To some of you that may seem unfair but is it really unfair? They flooded the market with very affordable devices that work sometimes. I want something that works out of the box every time. @carverofchoice, a person I think of as a friend has presented to me arguments on both sides of the table. I know being in business is expensive and often scary.

When I was in business the product that I produced, I stood by 100% and I don’t think Wyze should be allowed any less commitment. As I have said many times before their ability to ignore the customer base and the comments that proliferate the forums seems profound to me it’s something I would expect from a Golddigger not a respected company that wants to grow in the industry. Something to remember why is your word is your bond and if you don’t have a bond you don’t have a business

I don’t think it’s fair to ask Wyze to take a potential loss on products. I think it’s fair they raise the price since their profit margin was exceptionally low to begin with.

I don’t have many issues with my cameras, and 9/10 times when there is an issue with their functionality it gets addressed.

I also like that Wyze employees monitor the forums and have a dialogue with us, and sometimes our issues get escalated up the chain.


Your optimism is somewhat refreshing… With your luck I would say buying a lottery ticket would be a great idea for you unfortunately many of us don’t experience that type of a good luck run

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Easy solution, don’t buy anything new from Wyze untill your issues are fixed.

I haven’t bought anything since December 2019 and not planing to as of yet.

Issues for me is problems get fixed but only to reappear again at the worst of times.

Mainly from their poorly untested FW updates and their server issues.

But, when it’s working it’s great !

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