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It would be nice if you are from Wyze would concentrate on making the cameras more better that you have a ready instead of trying to come up with new things make what you have better be nice. They haven’t been no big changes


Welcome. I agree. Still, they do try to improve them and the app, and their “model” is to sell a lot of cheap stuff.

They would sell more if I could tell people how great the app is or that you could view and download the cameras and clips from the Internet. :blush:


I would agree IF Wyze was only a wifi camera company, but they’re not. I think people get it stuck in their head that just because they launched with a camera, that’s what they should stick to. Personally, I love all the smart home products they are developing.

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That’s exactly what a lot of users are complaining about.
WYZE is diversifying and not completing anything.
They got this customer base using inexpensive cameras then expanded without much planning.


And how do you know what their initial road map was from the beginning? You act like they initially intended to be just a camera company then decided to branch out.

Not completing anything? Like what? I own pretty much every device they sell, they’re all complete. Sure they may be tweaking and fixing bugs, adding features that users have requested, but they’re complete.

People will complain, that will never end. Some people are never satisfied, but as Wyze has said, they welcome the complaints so they can continue to improve.


I didn’t know their early history, but this 2017 interview with Wyze co-founder and CEO Yun Zhang gave me a fresh insight into their mindset, inspiration by David Crosby, and long term corporate aspirations.

I hope the recent spate of customer service complaints seen in the forum is merely the result of unexpected demand for the masks, etc.

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It’s always good to expand, How can you really expand when you cant fix the issues you have now and to create more by Different products. And mor issues. I think they forgot about the original concept
wyze also said everything will be getting better. Not happen yet For the price of the cameras is really good.

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excellent article!

“It’s our goal to democratize the smart home market,” Zhang said, “and empower everyone to enjoy technology.”

Explain what you do so our parents can understand it: “We make high-quality smart home products that are affordable to everyone.”

I guess I am a brand ambassador :slight_smile:

I’ve been a customer since launch, so don’t tell me they can’t fix issues

read the above article & tell me what the original concept is.


The app.
If you’re completely satisfied I’m happy for you.
I am a beta tester for WYZE so agreed to give my opinion. It doesn’t mean I dislike the company.

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what about the app? I am also a beta/alpha/hardware tester, I don’t understand what is not complete with the app. I mean, if you’re gonna complain, at least give specifics and not be vague. The app is constantly evolving,


I am also a beta tester (software only because Wyze insists on requiring FaceCrap for hardware testers). I will also state that I really like the cameras - I have 19 of them and will almost certainly will order some of the outdoor cameras as soon as they are released in a few days.
With that stated, there are lots of bugs in either the cameras or the app or both. It would be really nice if absolutely EVERY time I start up the app and try to view a camera, it works - not withstanding REAL network problems. Most of the time it works. Sometimes it works on the iPhone, but not the android - sometimes the other way around. Sometimes some cameras connect and sometimes other cameras connect. In short - reliability. Although I personally have had only a few issues getting cameras to go through the setup process, there have been LOTS of reports here on the forum about problems getting that process to work.


There are several threads about app and connectivity problems. We are not going to rehash everything here.
Again, if you see no bugs in the software good for you.


Calm down you know there’s problems whether you except it or not I have many of these cameras but it be nice if they just fix the issues that they are aware of. And stop bypassing the real issues nothing more if you can’t handle what you have now why are you gonna make more problems that’s it


I never said there are no bugs, you said the app was not complete, and I merely asked how…bugs come & go, I doubt it will ever be bug free, especially if you’re running the beta app. You should 100% expect bugs on the beta app, they make the beta available for users to help report bugs not whine about it in the forums and state they should focus on current products and not develop new products. Maybe the production app is a better route for you :slight_smile:

Why are you making this personal?
You have no more stake in WYZE than myself or any other customer.


lol, how am I making this personal? I did not attack you in any way. We’re just having a discussion. You started this discussion between you & I by responding to my initial response. You have bashed the app several times, stating you’re a beta tester. I don’t think it’s fair to bash the app if you’re running the beta app, and not the production.

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We’re all using the production version right now, v2.11.4x

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the playback view for one. Wyzecam playback is terrible even when it works. Take a look a the Nest cam playback, VERY, VERY cool on a phone with the speed playback option with allerts.


well not everyone…but when you opt into beta testing, it seems like you’re rarely on the prod app

edit actually beta 2.12.3 just released

yeah, I would agree with this, playback definitely needs improvement, plus adding fast forwarding, colored timeline, etc would make it much better. I think playback really needs a good wifi connection, and I wonder if the cpu is powerful enough to make playback optimal.

I’ve never owned a Nest cam, too expensive. but I would assume at a higher price point maybe it has better specs to handle playback…not to mention having Google coding :slight_smile: