Wyze has lost it way

I just purchased another wyze cam the OG
To replace one of my originals, I have wyze products all over the house.
Wyze has become malware with all the pop-ups. I don’t want to be asked every time I look at the camera to buy some service that I don’t want.
I will no longer recommend wyze to anyone and I won’t be buying any more wyze products.


Turn it off… notifications…


That has nothing to do with the issue, all notifications are off.
It is the app, they changed the way the events work, now if I want to view the event it gets an add for the cloud service, they also put a “button” on the app screen promoting the service.

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Heya Bubba

If I were you I’d remove your phone number.

Never know what kind of nutjob will use it for something nefarious.


Not happing to me? Screen shot?


I see that you are using the “Recent Events” UI. That isn’t the SD Card Footage but cloud upload footage. You don’t have a Cam Plus subscription, so you don’t get Video, only a Thumbnail Snapshot.

When you click on a Cloud Event Upload Recent Events Thumbnail, if you click the “Show Menu” it will drop down a toolbar with buttons. Click the “Jump To SD” button to go to the SD Card footage.

In the Live Stream window, click the SD Card button.

Look I know how to use the app I have a wyze customer for Years.

The deal is this new cam does work the same as the old cams. They should have stated that the new cams don’t work as they have in the past.
No big deal I can live with it.
I just will not purchase anymore and will no longer recommend wyze.
I was going to replace 3 more and purchase door cam and lock…but I will go with a different vendor.



Ah, yes. My apologies for misunderstanding the intent of your post. Best of luck to you then in resolving your issues.

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It doesn’t help. The adds are targeted marketing to any and all non Cam Plus subscribers.


Exactly …they are what one would call app spam.

Stupid nonsense designed to make people purchase something they don’t want or need , when it fact it just ticks people off.



Same, too many angry dissatisfied " customers".


My ancient Wyze cams are actually better in being able to show at least the brief clip of the event instead of only the solicitation.


It’s even worse when you are a non US customer as most of the services/products advertised are not available anyway.
The whole nonUS customer service/product line it a complete botch job global.wyze.com hasn’t seen an update for almost a year.
I’m going to look somewhere else

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Have to agree.
I’ve been less and less enamored with Wyze products over the last few months. 3 cameras have died on me, and the older one that had the hub, the hub no longer works and is dead.
The issue Bubba is complaining about is a problem. You get a notification, you click it the image in the notification, it opens the Wyze app and shows you the still picture, you click to see the video that should be saved to the Micro SD card and are confronted with the advert for upgrading to cam plus. It used to be you couldn’t even see the video before, but there’s been a change where now once you close the advert, the view video icon on the previous screen is now active and can be pressed. Before viewing the advert, the icon is inactive so the only way to view the video clip sitting on your Micro SD card (NOT CLOUD) is to acquiesce to view the advert, and close it. Every time. This is friggin’ annoying and a waste of our time. If we want the cam plus offer, we’d purchase it.
Classic example of dark UX.
The User experience quotient for Wyze is rapidly declining.
I’ve purchased a LOT of Wyze products. Cameras, vacuum, watch, air purifier. Now I’m regretting that I got so invested in it.
I really did want to “invest” in the benefit of the company, but the regret is getting stronger every day.


Hey @bubbamahan,

Breaks my heart to read this post and all the comments agreeing.

As a general rule, I think the worst thing that could be said about Wyze is that we have stopped listening to customers and building things you want.

Tell me a few things:

  1. What subscription features would you like to see us come out with that would ever convince you to sign up? Shoot for the moon.
  2. What ads/pop-ups are the most annoying to you? Don’t hold back, lemme have it.

here’s an idea stop upselling subscriptions, and provide more functionality on the app. I just have the basic without the cam plus, and always have pop-ups. Be nice to offer other Cloud integration i.e. onedrive, G Drive etc. to stop nagging us to subscribe to Cam plus etc. I rather have more functionality built-in. Why do i have to pay extra for person, pet, detection and be limited to 12sec clips?


I think I remember the beginning of wyze, was not the lure that we would NOT need a subscription fee?
I could be mistaken but I don’t think so.

I don’t want to subscribe to any services. The old way worked just fine. What ever happened to “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

All ads and pop-ups are annoying, unless it is a coupon for free beer or weed.

I understand Wyze has to build a revenue stream but hounding your customers just doesn’t sound like a good model.

“That which isn’t good for the hive, isn’t good for the bee.”


I apologize for highjacking your post (you asked Bubba the above question), I just like to reiterate the sentiment, how about no ads period. Save the ads for non Wyze customers. We, as Wyze customers know where and how to get your products and services. No need to badger us, you are not winning anybody over, just alienating loyal customers.

Just to illustrate how annoying the ads are, I get a notification that someone is at my side door during a time when no one should be there. I click to see the feed and I am greeted with an ad that took me 20-30 seconds to get rid of so I can view the feed. That time is plenty for someone to break in or worse.

Done ranting…


It stinks that the functionality is worse than 5 years ago. Hardware failures (after less than a week of use), The “Live View Cam Plus” is a joke. I subscribed since it was available…never was able to view multiple cams as stated…“hang in there, we’re working on it”. A year later wonder why I have this charge every month…Oh yeah, for that thing that doesn’t work. Cancel my subscription. Basically “given up” on Wyze. Actually NEEDED something from a cam today,…guess what? No more 12 sec recordings? I started with Wyze because I was able to build a functional system for novelty price. Now, its just a novelty. Can’t trust it…I gave up recommending Wyze two years ago. Shame.
If Wyze make what they started to do better, why in the world would anyone give another piece of junk Wyze just slaps it’s name on a chance?