Baby Monitor cheap alternative

I purchased the original Wyze Camera a number of years ago for security while I lived overseas.
Recently, the very expensive baby monitor I purchased when babysitting my grandson at my home
stopped working. I could not run out & replace it, nor did I wish to. I tried the Wyze camera and it not only worked fine, but has now outlasted the old baby monitor. I think its a great use !


Welcome to the Wyze community @Lor!
That sure is a great use! I’m glad it’s working for you!:+1:

Yeah, I have them all over my house and use them for similar things too.

In the AMA Wyze said they were working on creating a “Crying Detection” feature too! I really look forward to that! One thing I really hope they add to make this a good baby monitor is enabling it to work with background audio mode. Other baby cams I have will allow me to set background audio, so I can switch to other apps and do things I want and I can still hear the live audio streaming in the background. Currently with the Wyze app, if you switch to another app the audio feed completely cuts out. If Wyze wants to compete more as a good cheap baby cam, they should allow us to turn on background audio temporarily.

I recommended Wyze cams to a coworker as baby monitors. He’s been very happy with them.