Baby Monitor - coming features?

I’m new to Wyze and have recently been using a CamV2 as a baby monitor in my sons room. While I try to decide if I am going to continue to use this product can anyone answer if these few changes are in the works for the app?

  1. Continued sound streaming if I leave the Wyze app or turn my phone screen off?
  2. Sound/Motion notification without recording (ie when you click the notification now it takes you to the recording clip…when using as a baby monitor, it would be helpful to click the link and jump right to the livestream)
  3. View multiple live streams at once (I have two young kids)
  4. If multiple live streams are coming, can you easily talk through each camera separately from this section?

Thanks all!


  1. Sorry, not sure but I doubt it. Try it, you have a camera.
  2. No. The 12 second recording goes to the cloud before you get the notification.
  3. Yes you can set up a group of 2 or more cameras.
  4. You would have to tap the camera you want to speak through then tap the mic. The tap back to the group view.
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You may have misread my questions. I’ve been able to figure out all the features myself, I’m asking if anyone knows of any CHANGES coming to the app that would accommodate these baby monitoring features.

Ah yes, sorry, didn’t notice that.

WYZE never really says what changes are coming. Sometimes I think they are as surprised as we are. Even if they do say they won’t give a timeline and anything they say has to be taken with a grain of salt.
The changes in the app usually don’t line up with wishlist items.

If you really want babycam features I do recommend buying a real babycam.