Baby Mode - Alternating Audio in Groups

I am eager to use my WyzeCams for baby monitoring and replace our existing baby monitoring system. THE only thing holding me back at this point is the ability to have alternating audio with camera views. The recent update that allowed for Groups was HUGE, but what I would like to see is the ability for the audio to alternate between live views in the group. This is critical for listening in on babies while they sleep.

Btw… I see that there are similar wishlist topics;however, I dont see any that mention the “alternating audio”.

Thanks for being awesome!

Alternating audio would be perfect, but if too difficult the simultaneous audio would be very much appreciated

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Add the ability to alternate audio output every X seconds while monitoring a camera group.

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Yes. Please add this functionality. This is the only remaining capability that I need in order to use my Wyze cams as baby monitors.

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Please make for automatic audio switching between cameras in a group. This would allow me to use it as a baby monitor for multiple cameras at night.

They should create a lay out for baby monitors with multiple camera use with audios at the same time. It would be very convenient for parents to be able to hear every child.