For a couple of months I could listen to two cameras at the same time that were grouped

For the last four or five months I could listen to the audio from both cameras I had a grouped together at the same time. I have been waiting for this update for years. Then all of a sudden yesterday it stopped working and now I can only listen to one camera at a time. When I search for it online I can’t even find anybody saying they could ever listen to more than one at the same time. So now I’m really confused. Anybody know anything?

I can confirm this. I, too, always listened to two at a time. Now I can only listen to one camera in a group at a time.

I’m right there with you. @WyzeGwendolyn any idea what happened?

I’ve no idea but FYI Gwendolyn has largely passed the forum torch to @WyzeJasonJ (who is now an employee).


Thanks for the heads up! I just submitted an email asking about this. Hopefully we learn something quickly. I have really enjoyed this feature and have started to rely on it. Having it disappear with no explanation is a big bummer.


This is what the Wyze support article states for this function. It is from the page for the v3, buy applies to all cams that are grouped.


I don’t know how you were able to listen to more than one, but I know the support articles have always stated that one audio stream at a time when watching grouped cameras.

Any time I’ve listened to audio from a wyze cam it’s been garbled, spotty, distorted and basically useless. Not sure listening to two at once would have any value at all. Sounds to me like another obvious glitch.

Baby monitors. Doesn’t have to be clear audio, just any noise that breaks the silence.

Thank you Tony. I’m not sure either but it was quite nice while it lasted and it worked extremely well.

I should mention that all three cameras are v3 and that I am on the beta app. I can discuss with the beta group as well but when I saw this post with the same issue and no mention of it anywhere else, I figured it made sense to post in here.

Happy to provide whatever other info is needed to troubleshoot.

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Somewhere a Wyze employee (can’t find the quote) said that this was always the intended behavior, and it used to be a glitch. If you want this behavior back, please add a post to the #wishlist

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