Listening to 2 live audio streams at once?

We’ve just gotten two v3 cams to be kids’ room monitors. The problem I’m finding is how to listen to both audio streams at the same time.

The device group feature only lets you play 1 audio at a time, so not really useful for >1 monitor.

I tried TinyCam Free (is Pro different in this case?). Quite often it crashes on loading, or when you come back to the app. Sometimes if you quickly turn the audio off while it’s loading it will finish loading. After that point, you can usually turn both sound streams on and be OK - but it may still crash.

Do you guys have any other recommendations? I also need to play the cameras on both an old Samsung and an old iPad.

I would assume you need 2 devices to hear/see both at once. One for each. Ya, I’m doing that now in fact. I have 1 outdoor cam on my iPad and my other outdoor cam on my iPhone.

I tried doing something like Spit Screen to basically run 2 copies of Wyze to share 1 device. I can’t get it to do that.

Running one on an old iPad and the other on an old Samsung should work just fine also, but not both at the same on both devices. I see how that could really be useful. It’s something normal Security camera setups can do. Where you can view a number of your cameras at once and then click on one to blow up full screen for a better view. The Wyze app only allows you to view or do 1 thing at a time. You are looking for something that is more advanced.