Is a Wyze Cam setup right for me?


I’ve done some research and was not able to figure a solution out.

I have an aging 3 camera wireless system that needs replaced. A friend bought a Wyze Camera but I’m not sure if it will work for me. I use my system as a baby/kid monitor. I have 3 rooms with cameras and they all feed live video/audio to a monitor. Is that something I can do with these cameras? Key thing is that the audio must be live for all cameras. Not just the one that we have selected. Also need this to work on a PC or Pi system. Not going to have my phone open all night to hear the kids.

Thanks for your help!

No, these cameras are not right for you.

  • You can put 3 cams up at once on a mobile device like a tablet (4 cams max), but you can only select audio for one of them. You would need 3 devices to hear audio on all 3 cameras at once.
  • Can’t play on a PC or Pi without emulating Android.
  • There is an audio dropout issue where the audio will occasionally drop out, so people don’t like these for baby monitors.