Multicamera Audio / Baby Cam / RTSP

Hello All!

I have two Wyze Cameras that I purchased that were intended to be used as baby monitors. At this time, Wyze has no intentions of supporting multiple camera audio (my wife likes to listen to both at the same time to hear any crying etc).

I know there is RTSP firmware, am I correct to assume:

  • With this, the phone app decides if I can use multicamera audio?
  • This will not use Wyze servers (e.g. only local viewing)
  • I can revert the firmware to factory if needed

Also, any suggestions for a good Android app that can be used to view multiple cameras (and audio) at the same time? Trying to finally get rid of my abandoned ComfortCam cameras.


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Yes can change firmware because I done it.
tiny cam is one some people are using.
Get two old phone and share it to a main account.
VLC I know only do one rtsp at a time
Two alexa can do it

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