RTSP - Bad audio with V2

I’m trying to stream a V2 cam on YouTube using the RTSP firmware. The audio is useless - just a few pops and crackles. Video quality is super compressed, too. Anybody know of a solution?


I use one cam on RTSP just for local viewing, but another user on another forum posted that they had use the just released firmware for converting/dedicating a cam to being a webcam and made it work.
I’ve used the firmware and it works great but I haven’t tried it on Youtube yet. Just FYI.
Caveat:the cam once converted can’t be used via the Wyze app unless you reinstall the standard firmware (which is easy to do)

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New RTSP firmware?? I’m going looking now! Wyze, please post a link in case I can’t find it. Thanks for the tip Tomp!

I have installed. Is there a newer version?

I don’t know if this applies to your use case, but you could try the webcam firmware Wyze recently offered. Also, you appear to already have the latest RTSP firmware.

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