Baby room / nursery Pan Cam

Looking to install a Cam Pan in baby room. Can anyone share their setups for reference?

I bought a mount.

I do not use mine as a baby monitor, but I do monitor our dog while we’re away. If you search the forum for “baby monitor” there are a number of threads discussing pros/cons of different setups. For example:

The main issue you may face is that the video/audio feed may not remain open over extended periods (overnight), so it’s best used to check in periodically or receive sound/motion notifications.

Also, regarding mounting, with the Pan Cam you will want to mount it upright to reduce strain on the motor and use the pan ability to look down rather than angling the camera down.

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The wyze pan cam unfortunately has an issue with the very low volume that has not been fixed yet since March. I wouldn’t recommend it for a baby cam.

I use a wyzecam v2 as a baby cam though. I just mounted mine above the window with a metal bracket. Depending on how old your device is though, the wyzecam might not work continuously overnight.


I guess I missed this thread.
I agree , I wouldn’t recommend it for a baby cam either

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