Suggest me a Good baby monitor

looking for the best baby monitor cam. i gone through many blogs and sites but didn’t find any best indoor camera for baby protection. Do you guys help me to suggest one of the best. You can also recommend the blog or site for me so it is easy for me to choose the right one.

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Wyze is a great option for that. Just have to configure your tablet properly as a “monitor”.


Okay waiting for the others reply

I have 3 wyze v2, one of them in my 2YO room and it works great as baby monitor.

You can set the alerts as you wish or a schedule to motion or sound during the middle of the night. My wife can also check on him during day, his naps via the app while she is at work and knows if had a nap or just played(quiet time) in the crib. We like the flexibility of either enabling the motion or sound or both.

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I have not used Wyze cams as a baby monitor but I believe they would work quite well as a visual only device for that purpose. If you want to use a camera as the sound and visual monitor make sure the app has a background audio feature. Meaning you can close the app and do other things on the device while still hearing sound coming from the camera. Also, make sure you can still hear the sound even when the phone’s display is turned off and locked.

For my experience, in the end, we still had to get a stand alone sound monitor for reliability reasons, particularly at night. When using a camera for both sound and visual monitoring of the child; The phone app might crash/disconnect in the middle of the night without warning, a recent update to the app might break something, or a number of other strange things would go wrong too often and we would not hear our child when we needed to. We ended up getting two Vtech DM221 baby sound monitors. Major retailers sell them as well as Amazon. The receiver has a battery in it so you can easily take it with you outside nearby or to another room. Also, you can get another identical one for a second child later on and it will not interfere with the other one due to them having digital radios.

So my suggestion, a Vtech DM221 to hear the child reliably and a Wyze cam to see what is going on would to me be a rather winning combination. Get the Wyze Cam Pan version because once the child starts moving around, the fixed camera becomes useless a lot of the time.

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Wyze cam and a cheap fire tablet with TinyCam Pro installed on it. TinyCam has background audio and squelch features which is nice for a baby monitor application.


Hi. I’ve been using the Levana Astra baby monitor since day one and I can say that it’s pretty good. However, it’s a little expensive but definitely worth the price.

Take a look here Levana Astra PTZ Baby Video Monitor Review to see if the Levana baby monitor fit your budget and needs.

We use Wyze as a baby monitor because it gives the best video Quality then any real baby monitor can give at the price of $25 but only one issue we have is in the middle of the night every night it times out after 6 hours and won’t connect till you click refresh.

I’ll add my voice on this one. I have 2 V2’s in my home, one of them in my 5 year olds room. it seams like i don’t use it quite the same way as everyone else, but i do use it as baby monitor of sorts.

What i do is after we put her to bed i use a spare Iphone (not used as a phone anymore) and have the live video feed up until she falls asleep. After she falls asleep i rely on my every day working Iphone (that does act as a phone) to notify me if she makes any sounds or gets out of bed.

Honestly this is the reason we got the first V2 in the first place. It hasn’t let me down yet!

There is one thing i haven’t seen mentioned here that I’m not crazy about, and that is if you have notifications enabled there is no way to stop the cam from sending video clips to the cloud. for me this is not a problem, as i have faith that Wyze will handle my data with respect to the best of there ability.