Baby Monitor Setup for newbie Dad


Came across this camera, and for the pricepoint it looks great as a setup for baby monitor.

Please can anyone help what setting you have done to ensure this runs the best possible baby monitor with the capabilities it has.

Any reference to blogs or guides would be helpful as i am not very technology savvy.Do we use any other app or devices with this to use as a baby monitor?

Well first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!
Girl or boy?
Welcome to Dadhood - where one of your prime things in life becomes keeping that little bundle of protoplasm safe & happy.

I consider this site the “blog”, but there is also a Facebook and Reddit presence.
Other apps or devices would include everything from an Android ( 5.0 or >)or iOS ( 8.0 or >) based “device” up to a full fledged digital recording system (plus Internet wireless 2.4Ghz setup).

My suggested minimal is an inexpensive Android phone/tablet, a fast SD card of 32G or less and a willingness to learn new things.
/edit - and I would recommend you buy two. Heck two only costs about as much as a 140 pack of diapers for your bundle of joy.

And patience – the software and firmware are still in development, and you may find things that don’t suit your needs yet – like audio dropouts, for instance. You can easily get the audio back, but some don’t like that on baby monitors.

Still, the camera is cheap enough just to buy it to play with it, IMO. I did that, and now I have 6 of them. :smile:

Thanks for the reply.
Its a girl! She is adorable… almost 3months. Even though i spend less time with her, i cherish the moments i get with her.

I bought one to try as a Baby monitor, and so far it has been really good experience. There is a slight delay in the sound notification, so i think i might need to get a sound only monitor.

I have an Nexus 5 lying around, is there app i can run which doesn’t switch off the screen and i can keep watching the Wyze screen?

If you can upgrade to Android 5 it should run the Wyze app. The Wicki says the Nexus 5 was released w/ Android 4.4 but could be upgraded to Android 6. My devices (Amazon Fire 10 running Android 5 and Samsung J3 Android 7) don’t switch the screen off.