Baby Monitor?

Would this work as a baby monitor? Grandparent looking for cheap alternative.

I’m a grandparent and I use the original when my 3 1/2 year old grandson is at my house. I’m sure this new model would work even better with the pan feature. Wyzecam is an affordable alternative.

My wife and I use one of our V2 cams as a baby monitor now (18 mo. old grandson). Works great except … 1) you can’t monitor the output on a laptop or PC, 2) you can’t exit the Wyze app and continue to hear the audio output (i.e. baby crying), instead you must keep the app running to do any amount of monitoring, and 3) no support for slide over, split view or (& especially) PiP support on an iPad. Note that PiP support (i.e. MLB At Bat app) would be a wonderful addition. Anyway, I’ve previously asked for modifications to the app for support of #2 and #3, but I don’t believe either are being seriously considered.

Thanks for this very detailed response!! I die I could use my old Samsung phone as a monitor… Would I have prevent the phone from going to sleep?

Not really good for a baby monitor. This is designed as a security camera. It detects motion or sound, sends an alert to your phone or tablet, you open the app to see what event caused the alert. It does have live view, but it’s not practical to keep live view open and running for a long period of time…like to monitor your baby. It would probably work for a short period of time, but there is also a “cool off” period of about 5 minutes after an initial alert…when no further alerts are sent.

If you setup the camera to detect motion and sound, you can exit the app and get a notification on your phone when either occur.

depending on your requirements, either the v2/pancam may work, providing monitoring (livestream) and notifications (motion/sound) :slight_smile: