Cam as a baby monitor with notification to live stream

Hi, did not find a way of doing this, so I ask the community :slight_smile:

I would like to use the camera as a baby monitor and when I get a notification I get to the video that shows what was the trigger of the notification.

I think it would be a great idea, and also something easy to implement in the app if it does not exist yet, that you give an option to set the camera as a “baby monitor” (or something similar), and when you get a notification the notification instead of taking you to the 12 seconds video, will take you to the live feed of the camera.


This actually happens now with the new Complete Motion Capture service, assuming the motion is still in progress when you click through from the notification. If the motion is over, it will take you to the video. It should be noted that the notifications have about a 12-second delay, and it seems like the live feed from the notifications are also delayed by about 12 seconds. (Although the live feed on the home screen doesn’t have the same delay)


It’s not just CMC, it was added to the legacy 12 clips, whereas there are links at the bottom of the screen to take you to the live stream or right to the playback when the event occured for ease of review. Just an app upgrade.


Oh, nice. I didn’t realize that. In that case, make sure to update your app and firmware @iair007! :slight_smile:

Great Thanks! I will check it out!