Delayed notifications for all cameras

Hi all. I have a selection of cameras. At both my home and my dads home he is 30mins away. We are both suffering from delayed notifications up 10 to 15 seconds constantly. He has stopped using his as where it is set up he misses whomever it is every time. Can anyone shed any light on this please. Settings etc.
some are hard wired, Some are solar powered and inside pan, inside non pan and the new ones as well. Cheers

Actually 10-15 seconds is not that bad, at times I have seen 1-2 minutes.

It seems to vary probably due to server congestion.

***Also your upstream speed plays into this also, if you have a slower connection it takes longer to get to Wyze servers for analysis too

The problem is no other cameras I’ve been looking at have this issue. It renders them useless. Unless you want to use them as a TV🫣