Cam V2 - randomly misses notifications & all video clips start late by 4-5 seconds!

I did a quick search but could not figure out which existing topic to add my issue/post to and hence this new one. If a moderator can move this to an existing topic, please feel free to do so.
I don’t post actively and have occasionally logged in to read posts in the forum, Some of you may know that I had bought a V2 cam to place outside the front door of our home, more from a nice to have point rather than a necessity, (I had posted some pics of my installation a while back). That camera has been functioning decently, except for a few hiccups. Well, that kind of changed this fall, well after person detection was changed.
I have 2 main issues and hence this post. The main one I feel is that ever since this fall, the camera notification randomly doesn’t work! It works most times but at least about once a week, it will just ignore a person walking in the trigger zone and its not just a person detection issue. If I check my Wyze app, there’s no event recording when it clearly should have it! Best recent examples were yesterday afternnon & evening and again this morning. Yesterday afternoon I had gone outside to place some new solar LED yard lights on the porch to charge them before dusk. I was there for easily 2-3 minutes on both occassions and received no alerts! Again, this morning I stepped out of the front door to place those lights in the yard and was again in the trigger zone multiple times. No alerts! I checked the video recording and can see me in the zone all 3 times. Why didn’t Cam V2 alert me??

The 2nd issue is a bit minor but it has to be told. Prior to the summer or fall, all person alert videos would show the person stepping into the trigger zone and continue for the 10-12 seconds, or the standard time period. However, this changed in the fall. Now, when I see an alert video, it’s clearly 4-5 seconds after the trigger event. So, if the UPS guy comes to leave something on our porch, he’s gone from the video before the alert video begins! How is that of any use, huh!? Fortunately, our house is in a gated community and fairly safe. Additionally, if I was really concerned, I have used the live recordings to roll back to before the alert start time to confirm my thoughts. That’s still a bad deal.
Does anyone else have this kind of issue? Help.

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I too have noticed the video starts a few seconds after the triggering event. The thumbnail is obviously from before the start of the video. I don’t remember when but this wasn’t the case in the past, the video would start a second or two before the trigger.

I wish WYZE would address this.

@VaidyS and @OrbitHenry, in both your situations i would guess that something like daily restarts may help. Its maybe not a fix, but at least a work around. I have a rule that restarts all my cameras at an off hour in the morning. I initially set it up to help with audio to video lag, help with the bridge connections, keep the settings fresh from the cloud, etc.

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I already have a rule doing daily restarts of my cameras.

Every single one of them in the history says “failed” but from other posts I assume it’s still working. Maybe I’ll power cycle for a few days and see if that makes any difference.

Another thing to note, I’ll have to watch the events and confirm but it seems to be only happening on the camera with cam plus, but there are more events there so that may be why it seems to be that one only.

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I’ve experienced this as well. Another thing you change to improve the response time is possibly change the camera placement, improved lighting of the area, crank sensitivity up, change detection zone. Are you able to post a picture of what the camera see’s and see if the community here has any ideas for ya?

Why would any of those settings affect when the camera or clips start vs. what the thumbnail shows?

Here’s a good example, same cat caught on 2 cameras. The “Driveway” has CAM Plus and the “Front Yard” does not:

EDIT: Looking at it again, the motion tagging box is in the right place in the “Driveway” video but at the wrong time. Also, the duration is wrong, events says 22s and the video is 17s



TY @Omgitstony & @OrbitHenry for replying to my post. (I was going to take this to the Wyze Support eventually.) I have never setup any daily restarts but it’s probably a good solution. I am in the FL panhandle and since Hurricane Sally passed nearby, my internet provider (Mediacom) has had service interruptions every 2-3 weeks, including this past night. So maybe the WiFi hiccup is the root cause. I have never setup a restart but will add it now.
I am attaching a pic from just a few mins ago.Screenshot_20201217-103756_Wyze

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After my first month with a V2, I now consider a daily power cycle off/on to be basic procedure for proper operation. Nothing else really does it. Otherwise, I will wake up in the morning to find that the V2 recorded zero motion triggers on the patio overnight … when another camera shows raccoons running wild out there all night long. So, I now do a complete power off/ on at the beginning of the night and I find my nightly Coon Cam triggers faithfully recorded in the a.m. It’s the only thing that seems to ensure reliable motion trigger operation …

I haven’t called, but I’ve submitted a number of support tickets from the app regarding this. Other than the automated “thanks for the info” email I’ve heard nothing.

Let us know if the daily restarts work for you, also if you haven’t already submit a log in the app. Hopefully they’ll pick this up as something they need to address.

having the same problem with bizarre late recordings of events. I’m finding as more features are added, everything is WAY more buggier. notifications randomly stop working. sometimes I can’t even remotely reset the cameras and have to resort to unplugging them directly. this is just a mess and im definitely considering switching to another brand altogether.

Another follow-up. Going through my clips, most of the videos are between 2 and 6 seconds shorter than what is reported on the events page.

That has to be something going on with the cloud storage or processing, right?

I submitted another log (#77662) regarding this.

Still happening. Submitted a log for this one too. I don’t think I can do anything else on my end. Daily restarts, power cycling… still occurring. WYZE?


Still happening, videos are still 5 seconds or so shorter than what is reported on the list of events and the video is obviously starting that many seconds behind what the thumbnail shows.

Very frustrating. Have submitted multiple logs and no response. Is this not a problem that should be addressed? Now that they are talking about wyze cams being part of a “security” system how is this acceptable?