Notification leading to Live View instead of "Event"

OK, maybe this is a crazy idea/suggestion, but today when phone pings and we have a Notification it is due to an “event”. Clicking the “Notification” will lead to the RECORDED event (past history - even if maybe only 30 seconds old).
Would it be totally crazy to have the notification - at least as an option - open up LIVE view?
Reasoning of course being that if I get a notification that something is going on, I want to see what IS going on NOW, not what potentially triggered the notification one minute ago (I can always go go back and look at the recorded event later).

Maybe another way at looking at it…

This can be good and bad. What if it is just a wasp or bird setting it off? I’d rather see it as a toggle switch.


Option like a toggle (or a setting determining what “clicking on a notification” will do) is of course not a bad idea.
But I still stand by the fact that if I get alerted, I really want to see what is happening first and foremost, not what eventually triggered the alert.

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I agree. When I get a notification I want to know instantly what’s going on, even if it’s a false alarm.


This is launched in the new version of the app. :+1:

You can go from a notification to an Event video and from that video to the live stream (removing a step). @Wellcraft19, would this satisfy your request or would you rather leave this open? :slight_smile:

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If the motion is still in progress, it shows the live stream when you click on the notification, at least in CMC. (Maybe it’s not doing that without CMC, but someone reported that it is.) It seems to be delayed by about 12 seconds, but it’s “live” in the sense that it’s ongoing. It’s not playing back a video that has already ended.

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@UserCustomerGwen, thanks for the update (I had to go back and look at my request as quite some time had elapsed).
But, tried it a few times here on Friday evening, and I think that is a decent compromise. Works as intended and with a click can now get to “live” footage relatively quickly. Adding: I think you can close this request. Thank you for being responsive.
Also noted how we now also have a button to “corresponding” locally stored footage.

@KathleenSR, I noted you had same request, at least commented on my request back in April. I think this works well (but please comment - need to ensure you have updated the - in my case - iOS app).

@nerdland, works well even w/o CMC (have not had time to sign up yet).


You’re welcome! I’ll mark this as launched but will open it again if anyone disagrees.