IOS app - Notification should go to events

When I click on the notification on my phone that there has been an event, it should take me to the events tab in the app not the home tab

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I haven’t encountered this issue under Android, but I do see it occasionally under iOS. I’m hoping the forum community can help nail down steps to reproduce this issue so Wyze can better identify cause and provide a fix.

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There was a change at some point. When the Event is still in a Live state and you click on it, it goes to a Live Stream and does not go to the events tab and play the event. Even if you go to the Event Tab and click on an event which indicated Live, it will switch to the Live Stream and not the actual event you clicked on also.

This is happening on my Android and iOS. I reported it and will again. :slight_smile:

But not sure it is a bug as it addressed the request that clicking on an event should always go to the Live stream.

What I would like to happen is the following:

  1. If I click on a notification from the Device it should take me to the Live Stream
  2. If I click on an Event from the Event Tab, it should play the event.

I rarely get any notifications while event is in progress, no camplus. So by the time I get the notification, it’s usually over so I like that it goes to the event playback. But I can understand those who have camplus and longer events, going to the live stream might be preferred. Seems like they could offer up either page via a toggle option.

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I agree. I received the 2.29 app last night and now when I click on a Live Event, it actually plays the event as I liked and stated in #2 above.

It should be a preference, go to the Event or Go to Live Stream.

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Didn’t get latest beta yet, still on previous iOS .29.2 - but it seems to be working ok. I got the toggle option idea due missing out when it was going to live view. Overall I find most notifications too slow to be useful for live view. Even the db ringing calls, by the time I grab phone to view and answer, the person is long gone.

Wyze made that change a while ago due to the massive number of user requests. The OP’s problem that I’m also occasionally seeing under iOS, is when tapping on the iOS Wyze notification while the event is still live, the action sometimes results in displaying the Wyze app home page instead of the live stream.

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Ahhh. Got you. I took the home screen as the live stream.

I am running the 2.29.2 version on my Android and it will load the event not live stream as I remember.

2.30 actually lads the live stream. Which I thought was a potential bug. :slight_smile:

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Yes, jogging my memory, that’s the flaw I now recall from testing the db before the voip call, the ring notification simply opened app to home page which was totally useless and I now recall v2 notifications acting same.

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