iOS notification takes me to wrong place – Live cam, not the recorded event

Hello – I get notification on iOS for [Person] activity on my front door. When I tap the notification, I get brought to my front door cam, live, with nothing happening – because the event was like 60+ seconds ago.

Shouldn’t the link from the notification bring me to the recording of the event that triggered the notification?? and then I can decide from there if I want to view the livestream?

I would request this be changed please, because literally every notification comes in past when the event happened, and I have to click around in the app like 5 taps to find the event recording, very annoying.

Maybe other users want the current behaviour, then my request would be, could users get a setting to choose? Thanks

It does that when the motion is ongoing or its still uploading to the cloud,

If true, the notification will never be touchable to view the Event because by the time the video is finished uploading to the cloud, the iOS notification has timed out and slid away off the top of the screen. This issue was introduced sometime in 2020, it didn’t used to work this way. I used to be able to tap the notification and watch the Event immediately.

that is correct but it took much longer to get the notification. in the past the event would happen FULLY ( say a 12 second clip) it was then sent to the cloud. the cloud would then send the notifications. after years of not so silent protest about how long it took to get notifications Wyze took note and worked it into what it is now.

currently when there is a detection that meets your notification settings, it is sent to the cloud AS the event is happening instead of sending the notification after the event has fully been recorded. if you click on the notification drop down you are taken to the live view as the full clip has not been recorded and is still “in motion” there sadly wasn’t the clearest of communications about this change and it was thought of as a bug for a while but alas it was intentional. :slight_smile:


I would say that this is still a user experience bug.
• I get a notification about an event.
• I tap/open the notification
• I get taken to live stream, with nothing happening. To actually see the contents of the event, I now need to:

  1. Tap ‘back’
  2. Tap Events
  3. Pull down on events to load the latest because sometimes, latest events are not loaded.
  4. Find the event that was likely the reason for the notification (guess, based on which camera, and approximate time)
  5. Tap the event – NOW I get to see the event that I was notified about.

This is really really crappy. And a huge waste of time, and mental overhead. Did I mention, I don’t like it? ha.

if it were not designed to work this way I would agree with you, but in order to apease the masses this was the route they have taken. maybe a #wishlist topic for something like - notifications only upon completed events in a slider tab in settings menu might be able to please both sides of the isle on that one. that way, if you only want to be notified about 12 seconds clips, you got it, but if you want the live view ASAP you could switch and have that setting instead. im not sure how popular having that ability would be. what are your thoughts on something like that?

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I agree this is a huge bug and really annoying. I record directly to the SD card. I do not need the cloud. I’m getting fed up with wyze quality control and policy changes in the last year… I may just send these 2 v3 cameras along with the sd cards back…