Notifications go to Live camera not Event

Not sure this is a new topic but this changed a few months ago. By the time I get an event notification it’s too late to see anything on the Live camera view. Please put it back so that when we click on an event notification it goes to the event.

In my experience it depends how soon I click the notification. If I click a notification before the event has ended, then it will send me to the live stream because the event is ongoing right now (in some cases, I even see an event slider at the bottom so I can pull backward to earlier in the event instead of the live stream…this might depend on the camera model or something, I haven’t paid really close attention to when this option is available).
On the other hand, if I don’t click a notification until after the whole event is closed due to no more motion being detected, then the app will send me to event in the event tab instead.

Is that what you are seeing, or is it always sending you to the live stream?

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When that happens, and it opens the Live Stream, if you immediately close the Live Stream and click the Events tab, you should see the Event still recording at the top of the Events List with a “Live” tag on it. If you open that, it should also indicate “Live” if it hasn’t stopped uploading and is still live.

But you have to be quick because many events are short.

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Yes that is the way it works. But when I get a notification, there are too many clicks to see what caused the notification - click on the notification, click back arrow on Live screen, click on Events tab, pull down to refresh Events page, click on event. Is there a quicker or easier way?

It should only be taking you to the Live Stream if the event for that notification is still actively recording. You must be really quick on the Notification click. I am rarely able to click into an actively recording Event Upload.

I don’t know of any quicker way to get to that specific event except for clicking on the Notification. Most of the time I just drag down on the notification to see the larger snapshot to decide if I need to be concerned.


Thanks @carverofchoice and @SlabSlayer for your informative and complete replies, I guess it works as designed, I wish the notifications were sent quicker than they are.

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