Clicking on notification not going straight to clip

Is there a way when I get a notification on Android of motion for me to click on the notification and have it go straight to the event that happened instead of it going to live view?

It seems like it used to do this instead of going to live view. Did this change or is it a bug?

It goes to the live view if the event is still going. It’ll go to the clip if the event has ended.

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So you’re saying if there’s still movement going on it’ll go to live view. If the movement has stopped it’ll show the clip? When did this change? I liked the old way of always viewing the clip.

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I’m not sure, I want to say it’s been like that for awhile.

Hmmm. I can walk thru the field of view and out of view, get an alert, no motion will still be going on and it’ll still go to live view.

Yeah, @towelkingdom is right. If the cam process of recording the clip (for the full duration that the cam detects ANY motion in the detection zone, not just AI motion), transmitting it to the cloud, interrogating it for AI, tagging it for AI or confirming no AI, and posting it as a clip on Events… has not yet completed, it has always sent you to live view.

Only when the completed clip video has fully posted to Events will the notification message take you to the Event View clip.

Two things are happening for me in this instance. The process above has been progressively getting slower and my click rate has increased with thumb exercises. :joy:

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Have you tried to test it by clicking that same notification 5 to 10 minutes later?

Thanks for expanding on that. I didn’t know how to phrase it. You’re spot on!

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Interesting. Thank you for the replies. I could swear before the Cam lite it always went to the clip. Could be wrong though. Thank you for your time.

Before CPL, if you were on the base plan without AI, I would bet that none of your videos had to be routed thru the process above as you didn’t have any AI settings needing verified for each captured event.

Now, with CPL, each video has to be checked against your particular AI preferences and video event type (12s v thumbnail). My guess is this is what is taking longer for it to post and you get to the notification before it does,

We also have TONS more users in the CamPlus arena now that all existing base plan users have been upgrading to CPL. More traffic :vertical_traffic_light: = Slower commute :red_car:.

Just an opinion though. I’m no network authority.

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I bet you’re right. Sounds perfectly logical. I wonder if I turn off person detection if it’ll just show the clip instead of live. I’ll have to try. I don’t need AI, just motion. It’s indoors.


It certainly is worth a test run on the treadmill with a stopwatch.

Report back and let us know if that works!

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I turned off person detection and it still goes to the live view unless I let the notification sit for a bit. It must get uploaded to AI regardless. Oh well, you’ve answered my questions and solved the mystery and I’m appreciative. Thank you again. Take care.