Serious Issue with Event Notifications and Being able to view them!

I’ll get a notification and a little screenshot of the event.
When I select the notification, it’ll go to a live view instead.
When I check my events, there’s no event.

Sometimes the event will show up later, up to ten minutes later. Other times it won’t. There’s no rhyme or reason as far as I can tell. But if it’s ten minutes later, it’s probably too late.

Here’s the event notification, censored the person:
Going to my events, nothing there:
Going back way later, event was never recorded:

This is a valid event. A person was detected and that event should’ve been recorded and available. I also have a v2, a pan, but I haven’t paid attention as to whether they do the same.

If an event is still recording motion to the cloud and the video in the cloud is not finalized, you will be linked to your Live Stream rather than the Event Video. The event must be finished recording, finished AI interrogation, saved and finalized before it will link to the event video… most of the time… (Search AWS KVS for exceptions that some have experienced)

I have not experienced any delay in Event Videos listing within the Events tab. The longest delay could potentially be up to 5 min since CamPlus Event Videos can be up to 5 min in length and will not post until the video has finished.

Also, make sure there aren’t any filters set in the Events tab that might be hiding those videos.


Just looked at your screenshots.

You have filters set only to show sound events (colored green).

Person is not selected so it won’t show… It is filtered out

Use the filter settings button to fine tune your filters.


Ok, so that’s great, something was wrong with the filters. I’m not sure how they were applied since I never use filters.

My events are only 12 seconds. If I’ve received the notification, that means the events were already processed. I never had any issues with this until recently.

Because those buttons are at the top of the page, it is easy to accidentally tap one to deactivate it. I have been guilty of the same.

With your 12s videos and Person Detection, I will assume we are working with CamPlus Lite.

Not necessarily. If the AI bot identifies a Person in the first second of the video, the notification is sent immediately before the video has completed upload and save. The Event Video, however, will not be available until it is finished recording and saving, which could be the full 12s.

Get your filters back to where you are seeing what you need to see in the Events Tab and then monitor how soon the video shows up in the events tab. When I am quick on the trigger and click a notification as soon as it comes in, and it launches live stream, by the time I close that and go to the events tab it is usually already there… and I have CamPlus so mine are full length videos.

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