Smart Detection Notifications not working

I cannot seem to get bark detection or meow detection to send me notifications or even record. I have not tried to see if crying detection works but I may find out if I cannot get this working

I have a Wyze Pan v1 and swear I tried every combination of settings and still can only get sound notifications of any sounds or nothing at all. I have bark detection on my Alexa and that seems to work just fine so I know it’s not a weird pitch of my dogs bark. Any input?

Cleared Cache, delete and re added all the normal stuff. I have not seen anyone on here talk much about bark detection to even know if it works.

End goal just to get notifications and recordings of when my dogs bark

@georgethomas27858 Sorry for the trouble. We have found some issues on V2 and Pan V1 about AI detections and made fixes about them. We will release the fix as soon as we can.


Where is the fix? It was recording meowing which I thought was so cool but then it stopped working and had not worked for a long time now