Wyze cam v2 doesn't record motion detection, just sound

So I get sound detection events and notifications from the dogs barking but get nothing for motion even thought on one sound detect the couch is empty and the next the big dog is laying there.
Have tried rebooting the camera multiple times, even set up the enable all rule to reboot the device.
has the firmware
Any suggestions?

If there’s a sound event and then a motion event, the camera still has a 5 minute cooldown period when no events will be recorded. So if motion is more important to you you may want to shut off the sound detection or have the sd card set from continuous capture to event capture.

Did this get changed? When I first set it up I would get the sound and then 15 20 seconds later a motion detect when the dog ran into framr

My understanding is sound and motion events have different 5-minute cool downs. So you could get a motion then 20 seconds later get a sound event. I will run a test right now just to verify. I will edit this post with results.

Edit: Performed a test and got a motion event 45 seconds after a sound event, so the cool down periods are separate still.

Thanks Jason, glad it works for someone :smiley:
I’m going to try unplugging it for a while and if that doesn’t work then i’ll see if a factory reset fixes anything I guess.

Are you getting any motion events?