Wyzecam pan unusable at this point

Hi. Ever since yesterday my wyzecan pan now randomly spins back and firth and dodging it’s lens up and down, and is difficult to connect to when it does this.

I do not have any tracking going on. It just has a mind of its own. I can point the lens in a certain direct when it does allow me to connect, and if I go and look later, it’s pointed somewhere else. I’m not sharing this camera with anyone.

Is anyone else experiencing this zombie cam phenomena? I’ve only had this camera for a few months and it’s already paper weight as I’m sick of seeing it spin and spin, so I just unplug it. It’s actually far far more useful to be unplugged at this point.

Any advice?

wish i had some advice for you…i finally got so tired of my cam pan doing that very same thing i put a box over its head…

Is it possible motion tracking or pan scan is turned on? Click on more and see if either of these is active. I do believe I’ve seen this behavior when the wi-if signal is weak or lost. How is that signal where the camera lives?

I got burned out, and took a break from this thing. It’s really a false economy. You save on hardware costs, but then you have to work for wyze for free for hours to get the damn thing to work. Out of box it failed and I spend house and hours on it. Then some guy who doesn’t work for wyze told me to downgrade the firmware (YAY more free labor for wyze), and that seemed to work, until it didn’t.

Whenever someone asks me about them, I don’t recommend them because I value my reputation, and if someone bought one of these on my advice and experienced what I did, I’d be red faced. Not worth it. Next time someone asks, I will actively dissuade them from buying a wyzecam unless they adore pouring over techie forums and troubleshooting marginal hardware/software.

Nope. Motion tracking is off. It’s just a piece of junk. I doubt wyze would stand behind their product. They don’t have enough margins to do that, I sent a support request, but I doubt it will help. This will be my last attempt.

If I can get this thing to work by downgrading their *** firmware, and it fails again, I will make a youtube video of me smashing it and replacing it with competent hardware/software. Yeah, I’m pissed. This thing is getting old.

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