Wyze cams not recording

My Wyze cams show they are on, but no recording on any 5 cams. We live on
a rd that has pretty heavy traffic, Three of those cams pick up that road. Had a stranger on our back deck tonight and no recording at all on deck cam! Anyone else having this issue? I’m in Northern Kentucky

Have you tried restarting your WiFi access point? My v3 cameras are recording cloud videos. Here is a good site to bookmark and check Wyze service status.

Just curious… Are your cams subscribed to Cam Plus Unlimited?

Do you have SD cards installed?

What cams and firmware are we dealing with? What App Version?

Same issue here with one cam, the newest pancam model. Last two days it is t recording for the whole day but starts again at like 4pm and was fine until 540 am the next day and same thing again.

Replaced my old cam pan cause I was hoping all these BS issues would be from old hardware but here we go again. Brand new camera and 1 month and we are having issues with recording again.
It’s not my equipment, been all up and down through that. Cam is about 15 feet from a Wi-Fi extender and has
No issues until they push out updates.

Cam plus, no cards,

Same issue, stopped recording consistently, Nothing recorded for days. Usually 10-20 items per day. Reformatted SD, setup a nightly reboot. Still nothing.

I now have a 2nd cam not recording and I have checked all settings on both cams, still nothing.