Cameras "Offline" Restart button "Fail" Unplug Doesn't Work

Both v3 Cameras say “Offline”. The Restart button says “Fail” instantly. Unplug power doesn’t restart them. I know there are older postings on this but with no resolution. Wondering if anyone has idea or can help? Thank You.

When you plug them back in, what is the status light doing?

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Try rebooting your router.

Nothing. No light before or after.

After rebooting the router there is the same message “Device is offline (error code 90) Please check internet connection or power cycle the camera.” I’ve done both multiple times.


I’m at a loss on what to do next. Previous experence with them is they don’t offer/answer/help with anything technical other then these basics that I’ve tried.

If still under warranty request a replacement, Wyze is pretty good with it. They know their shortcomings. If out of warranty you are on your own. Take the camera totally out of power for at least a minute, let it cool down and then try again. If that doesn’t help, try factory reset and reassign the camera, but don’t delete it from the account in your Wyze App.

Good luck my friend, I know it can get frustrating, been-there-done-that sort of thing…

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If you aren’t getting any status lights when plugging them back in, either they aren’t getting any power or they are properly dead. Test with different power supply\cord, hold down on the setup button for 5-10s to be sure it isn’t just a boot issue w\ LED’s off in the settings.

If you can’t resuscitate them, contact support:


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this happened with a couple of my cameras, tried all things you did as well with no fix luckily I still had original boxes so i reinstalled them as if new cameras first setup and they worked again. dont know why but they did so happy camper.


I’m new to this and my intent is to use these cameras, thermostats and others remotely at our summer home while away. I got the error 90 and had your experience on my Brand new Cam Pan V3 while testing it out this week.
“Restart” did absolutely nothing. All other WiFi connection we’re working just fine. One difference with mine was that both times it happened, unplugging and replugging power to it got it to reboot and all setting were still the way they were. However this is not practical if while away!
Did you ever get a suggested fix or alternative solution?

I have a question… Are you paying for Cam Plus?
If not maybe is the reason that we… which are not paying for this extra subscription, WYZE turn off our cams.
I do not know what else to think…

I highly doubt the cam online status has any relationship with the subscription status, or lack thereof. Live Stream viewing has no relationship to the subscription and is a local P2P connection.

There have been many reports of network connectivity issues with the PanV3. The cause of this has yet to be definitively pinpointed. However, it is not a systemwide problem. There are many users, like me with 4 PanV3, that have not experienced this issue. So, it appears to be an issue with the cam’s relationship with the network WiFi.

Wyze issued an update to the firmware recently to try and improve the network connectivity of the PanV3. Insure your cam has the latest firmware.

There is also a Beta build update currently being tested:

One trend being noticed is that the PanV3 works best and does not have network connectivity issues when it is on a very robust Mesh network that isn’t overloaded with devices. It seems like it isn’t as effective on weaker networks like the older cams are. But that is just a subjective observation, it hasn’t been vetted.

I indeed have the version I just got the pan v3 and installed it last week. I will continue to test different outlets and also not sure when it indicates error 90 if camera is off thus never tried on/off. Just tried “Restart” which did not work. I know my signal is strong and stable. Very close to the router with very few other WiFi devices.

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Also make sure you are using the 2 Amp power supply that came with the cam. If you are also possibly using long USB power extensions, try eliminating those for testing. Because of its higher power requirements, it may not be getting full power to operate. Some users have experienced loss in function due to this.

Thanks for the follow up. I using the long 3 ft flat power cord and brick that came with the unit. I do however have it plugged into a power strip that has a lamp, other chargers and recliner power plugged into it. Both times it failed was overnight. All quiet. No motion no events.
If it happens again which I expect it will, I will plug it in a dedicated outlet to test.

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I don’t think it is the 110v power strip. The cam only gets 5v thru the power adapter.

But, if your router is cleaning house when an IP has had no activity, or doing some sort of scheduled reset that knocks cams offline, that might be worth looking into.

You also might want to take a look at specifically when this is happening. You may get some mileage out of creating a rule to have your cams do a reset prior to that time. that way the router issues it a refreshed IP and may see it as active. Alternatively, if you have Smart Plugs (I have them on all my cams from before I upgraded to mesh), you can have all your cams on a schedule to do a power cycle so they get a fresh router login every night.

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Great input and logically a solution. To enable a reboot would be a great feature. I actually thought “Restart” would accomplish that but obviously “power off” then on is not going to happen nor would we want it to.

By the way. Is a “reset” rule you can schedule? Nice thought for many reasons.

The Cam Restart rule can be scheduled using a Schedule Rule. It does not power cycle the cam but will reinitiate its connection to the Wyze Server and verify its settings. (See example :point_down:).

The Smart Plugs, on the other hand, will do a full power cycle so they get reset on the router as well.

Note that if the camera is truly Offline and NOT connected to the Wyze Server, the Restart Rule will fail because the Rule Execution Command cannot be sent from your account on the Wyze Server to your cam… which is offline.

The Smart Plug Power Cycle schedule, however, should be used on a Smart Plug that saves the schedule on the plug chipset. It will power cycle the cam even if the cam and plug are offline.