Wyze Cam Pan v3 & Sense Hub Firmware Beta Test 2/13/2023

Wyze Cam Pan v3 :


What’s New

  • Improved movement by fixing motor gaps
  • Fixed a reboot bug

Wyze Sense Hub :


What’s New:

  • Added support for Additional PINs (upcoming 2.40 app update required)
  • Improved connectivity
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Environment Hazard reminder from being stopped
  • Fixed a bug that turned off Environment Hazard functions
  • Fixed a bug that blocked switching to Wi-Fi after connecting via Ethernet

Oh good! This happened to me last week when my cat peed on one of my leak sensors :rofl:
I couldn’t turn off the Hazard remediation beeping, and it froze up my hub so that other contact and motion sensors wouldn’t execute rules. I had to manually reboot the hub to get everything to work again. Glad to hear this was a known bug that is fixed now, and in less than a week from when I first noticed it! Impressive.


Does anyone know what is meant in the Pan V3 firmware about fixing motor gaps? What was happening? Is this talking about how the Pan V3 wasn’t returning back to the Home location after motion tracking, or something different?


Thats a good question, Hopefully that is what they fixed. the not returning home issue.


Installed all firmware on the devices remotely without issues. :slight_smile:

Will test a bit later


Installed with no issue. So far looks like it may have fixed the return to home point. Will test later and report back.


Updated cams and power cycled without incident.

  • Update appears to have significantly improved the Return to Home bug. After setting waypoints and a Detection Zone, Live Streaming through extensive motion tracking events, and manually manipulating the PT FOV, the cam appears to be returning to the set Home point with a near undetectable variance. Currently testing in IRNV, will have better results in daylight.

EDIT: The bug is not gone. After a day of normal usage tracking objects with waypoints and DZ position set to an identical FOV, the cam has shifted up by nearly 2 DZ Blocks. Waypoints and DZ had to be reset for another day of normal use testing. Still not ready for prime time.

  • When Live Streaming with no motion, stream is fluid. However, when motion activation occurs and the cam Motion Tracks, the live stream consistently locks up for up to 10 seconds before it recovers. It seems that the faster the object moves, the longer the stream lockup. This live stream lockup can be duplicated when manually PT manipulating the cam thru the app. Cam movement is degrading stream quality and capability.

  • Pan V3 still lacks the granular “Device Notifications” for individual Smart AI toggles present in the iOS app and on the PanV1, PanV2, V2, and V3 updated firmware. It is still just all AI or nothing.

  • 30s FF \ RW buttons on SD Playback are still not functioning. The first press of the 30s FF took me 6 minutes forward. Subsequent presses did nothing at all.


Updated both without trouble. So far no issues but I’ve yet to really mess around with my V3 Pan.


Hi, folks! How’s the beta treating you? Is Wyze Cam Pan v3 doing well?


Hub firmware worked great! My cat peed on my leak sensor again TODAY! :joy_cat: (I have a better solution to stop this in the works) And the hub allowed me to stop the hazard remediation reminder this time, and it didn’t lock anything up, so the Hub firmware is doing well so far. :+1:

My Pan V3 apparently didn’t update when I told it to a few days ago, :man_shrugging: so I’ll tell it to update again right now. and check again.


Hub firmware is doing great! The Pan V3 is staying connected a lot better vs error 90 every day. Updating the Pan V3 resets the event recording settings though. So instead of staying on “record all motion” it is changing back to “Smart Detection events.”


That didn’t happen to me when I updated just now. Mine stayed on All Motion Events. :man_shrugging: So maybe it wasn’t the firmware? IDK.

I’m going through all cam’s and they all reverted back to “Smart Detection Events” so at this point I really don’t know where the issue lies.

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It actually might’ve been the most recent iOS App update. That would explain why it happened to you and not me.

@IEatBeans did you install the latest app update, and will you check and see if your camera recordings reverted back to smart events instead of all motion?


Just checked, and yes it did. All my cams are smart detection only

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The Beta FW for the Pan V3, corrected the Privacy Mode Issue I reported.

Issue was

When the camera is in Motion Tracking mode and then you put the Camera in Privacy mode, it shifts to facing down and then in about 15 seconds it will reposition itself to facing up in a default position. The Camera remained in Privacy Mode, just the position changed.


After Applying the Beta Update, the camera will remain facing down when in Privacy Mode regardless of the Motion Tracking.

Fix Worked.

Great Job Wyze :slight_smile:


Ok been on the new beta firmware since its release. Was doing good returning to the home position untill this afternoon, now it appears to be off again. Right to left seams ok, but up and down are off. Mine is mounted upside down, i have reset the home position 2 times and it is off again. It is now returning higher than the home position. Before the update it would return lower. I just have motion tracking on. Not having it scan waypoints yet. Will update when i find more

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Connectivity on the PanV3 during heavy SD Playback footage scrubbing has been vastly improved. I manipulated the SD playback timeline fast and hard trying to get it to disconnect like it was doing before and I couldn’t break it in any of the cams, even the most distant.

I have also been testing the Return to Home Position issue and see that it is noticably better, but still not where it should be. Documentation reported back to @WyzeXiZ here.

As noted above in my last post, there are still outstanding issues.

Have you tried doing the Reset Position?

Go to settings of the Pan V3, Advanced, Motor Controls, then tap on Reset Position.

See if that helps

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