Wyze Sense Hub Beta, Wyze Cam v2 & Wyze Cam Pan RC Firmware Test 8/30/2021

Wyze Sense Hub:

Firmware Version:


What’s New:

  • A PIN is now required to switch to Disarm Mode

  • Added a fast beep for Entry and Exit Delay

  • Fixed a bug that caused some delayed false alarms for some people

  • Security improvements

Wyze Cam v2 & Wyze Cam Pan:

Firmware Versions:

  • Wyze Cam v2:

  • Wyze Cam Pan:

(Testers who updated their firmwares to and won’t see this update)

What’s New:

  • Bug fixes

Just updated 8 V2s and 3 Pans. The bulk updates went smoothly. No failed messages. All cams are online and working great for now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Updated from to to 4.10.1068.

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Can you provide a list of what Security Improvements were provided so we can test and verify.

On the V2, what bug fixes were put in place?

Installation of FirmWare
  • No issues installing the V2 Firmware.

  • HMS/Hub Firmware update, took a while and then said failed. the lights on the hub kept cycling. I looked at the Hub within the app and it showed no internet connection. I ended up pressing the reset button on the back of the hub for abot 10 seconds which allowed it to cycle. It came up, lights are now solid. I looked at the Firmware update and it did not show an update. I looked at the hub / Device Info and it said the Firmware was up to date. So the FIrmware was loaded but my I had to cycle the hub as it lost connection to my network. I am connected via Ethernet and not WiFi.

    • I tested the requirement to disarm from the Keypad and it did require me to put my PIN in. From the App, it did not.
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I updated the Hub. Armed Home and then Disarmed. No PIN was asked.

I don’t know what fast beep means. No difference was noticed when I open the door.


This update broke on of my V3’s. It now reboots over and over saying ‘ready to connect’. I need a replacement. Log ID 285505

No Pin was asked for me either from the App. But on the Keypad it did. Did you try the Keypad?

Did yo mean V2? The FW was for the V2 camera’s.

Same here. I’m not sure what the PIN requirement update really means. Ideally, we’d have the option to only require pin for disarming and nothing for arming. I shouldn’t have to enter a pin just to arm the system. No other mainstream alarm system does that unless it’s for business.

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The keypad always asks for a PIN though, right? Is your ‘PIN required for mode changes’ setting turned off and it still asks you for a PIN to disarm? If that’s the case, that is cool.

Mine did not ask for a PIN when I disarmed from the keypad. It only asked if there was a triggered alarm. Now when I turn it off triggered alarm or not, it requires me to enter a pin to disarm. However, from the actual app, it does not prompt for a pin.

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Great! I had to turn of ‘require pin for mode changes’ and now the system acts that way I’ve always wanted! Only pin for disarm.


I just happened to have overdue V3 updates as well.

Yep, that is how I like it as well.

Ah - got you. Can you remove the power from it easy enough? if so, it is worth a try. Sometimes, I have an issue with connecting to one of the V3’s and all it takes is a hard power cycle.

Tried that and unfortunately support can’t do anything but suggest going to this forum, since it’s beta. -___-

Just tried to format my SD Card in the V2. Went through the Formatting process and then when complete the display did not update. I assume it was the delay because I Hard Power Cycled the Camera, went back into the SD Card and it showed formatted. So, I think this is simply a display issue.

Submitted log 285843

Here is a Video of the Formatting


if the format says complete but doesn’t show as clear you can just do a restart from the settings page as well.


Yea, but it did not say complete… It just went back to complete. I restarted the app, cleared cache and nothing worked. Restarting the Camera seemed to work. I think it was indeed formatted, I believe it was a UI refresh issue.

Not a huge issue, just wanted to point this out as there were other area’s which did not appear to set the UI correctly, especially in iOS. I use both for testing.

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ahhh right on. I don’t know if I’ve had that happen yet or not. I think its always said complete or failed. I THINK :slight_smile:

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Agreed, code required for disarm is important feature … and control if you want to require for all changes. Nice.