Wyze Cam Pan v3 - Does not return back to home position

@WyzeXiZ, here is an example of the last 24 hours:

The first image is the initially set home position last night just after 9pm. This was set in the DZ and 4 identical Waypoints. Scan, Track, and DZ on. I am using the two trees as reference points:

This morning, just after 9 am, you can see that the image has shifted down almost a full DZ block:

Then again today just after 2pm, the image has shifted up slightly and left.

This one is from this evening, again with slight variation.

I’m not sure when the initial shift occured last night, but after that initial 1 block shift it seems to be holding very close to the same point, but not exact.

I am going to reset the home position and run another test. Will post again tomorrow.

I have no problem sending it back for inspection once I get a replacement. You can DM me with whatever details you need.

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