Chasing Snowflakes

My Cam Pan V3 is chasing snowflakes! I reduced the sensitivity to 10 with no luck! And as many others have mentioned, it is NOT returning to home position, so I’m also chasing the cars that were supposed to be outside my detection zone (DZ). I’ve had to turn off notifications for now until this is resolved. On the plus side, I picked up a coyote running across the driveway!

I have also found that my PanV3s very much like to daydream: chase sunbeams & blowing leaves. Very ADD. I am not really liking these right now for outdoor use. Way too much going on that distracts the cam.

But, my cam is returning to the DZ designated spot (kind of… Not 100% accurate. Off by just a smidge).

One thing I did with one cam testing the home return was to set 4 identical waypoints, turn on the Scan, then enable the DZ to exactly the same spot, then enable the Track Motion. A bit redundant but it did always return to where it is supposed to be (sort of).

Another cam only has the DZ and has been good about returning after motion has stopped.

But, a common theme is that they all chase objects in the excluded DZ. That has to be dialed in or these are going back.